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Tips for selling your wedding dress fast

If you’ve decided to sell your wedding dress, you might be keen to sell it fast, whether it’s to free up some space in your wardrobe, or to get some much-needed extra money. If you’re selling your wedding dress online, there are plenty of tips to help you make a sale sooner rather than later. Here are our top tips for selling your wedding dress fast:

1. Great Photos

Nothing will sell your dress better than great, high quality photos that show it off to its best potential. An easy way to do this is to use the photographs from your wedding day. Try to include a full length shot, close ups of the fabric and detailing, and any embellishments that deserve showing off! If you don’t want to show faces, crop the photo rather than blurring or blocking out faces so that it still looks stylish. And once your listing is live, check to make sure the photos are the right size, the right way up and look great – it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many sellers don’t!


2. A Killer Description

A photo says a thousand words, but putting a few more together to describe your dress will help you in selling your wedding dress fast. Check easy mistakes, such as spellings and grammar, as well as making sure you spell the designer’s name correctly. Add some emotion to your description, and tell shoppers what it is about this dress that made you fall in love with it. Perhaps it has a flattering neckline, or the lace detailing makes it stand out? Telling people what you loved about wearing the dress will help you sell it fast.

“Like wearing a cloud”


3. Promote it on Social Media

Once you’ve listed your dress, you’ll need to get traffic to your post. Sharing the dress listing on your social media channels is an easy way to generate interest and get people looking at your dress. Posting to your instagram page, and asking others to share too can generate interest in your dress. You can also take advantage of dedicated wedding forums to lead people to your listing. Of course, we encourage our sellers to share their dresses on our Facebook page too – it’s the most receptive audience around!

4. Pricing

It’s important to consider the pricing of your wedding dress. While you may have paid full price, remember that you are selling preloved, so price it accordingly. Research what similar dresses have sold for. Also remember fashions and trends change, so if you are selling a dress that was the height of fashion a few years ago, the trends may have changed, and you may find it takes a little longer for your dress to sell. Adjust the price accordingly.


Bride2Bride is a quick and easy way to sell your dress to other brides. We hope our tips help you in selling your wedding dress fast!