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A wedding dress for every body shape

You’ll need to consider a few different aspects when you’re shopping for your wedding dress, but the most important one is finding a dress that flatters your body shape. It’s important to know the styles and fits that will suit you best, and make you look your best on your big day! Here’s our rundown on the ideal wedding dress for every body shape.


If you’re an hourglass shape, you’ll have balance between your bust and your hips, with a slimmer and defined waist. If you’re an hourglass shape, you’ll want to avoid styles and fits that add extra weight to your bust and your hips, such as an empire line dress or a princess style skirt, as these tend to be unflattering. Instead go for dresses that are fitted in the waist, and with corset style backs, with a sweetheart neckline. A line dresses are ideal for hourglass body shapes.




Pear shapes typically have wider hips than shoulders, with a defined waist and slim shoulders. If you’re a pear shape you should avoid loose fitting dresses and empire line dresses, as they just don’t show off your figure, and can make you look bigger. Instead choose a fitted style of wedding dress, to show off your curves and slim waist, and bring out your shoulders with long sleeves or some shoulder embellishment. Fishtail dresses with sleeves are perfect for this.



Apple shapes usually have a fuller bust and midsection with rounded hips, with slimmer legs and arms. If you’re this shape you should avoid higher necklines, which will drown your bust. Instead look for dresses which flow down the waist and with a lower neckline to bring the attention to your curves. V necklines are great for this, especially if they have extra embellishment.



If you have an athletic shape, you’ll be straight up and down with a less defined waist. You’ll want to avoid dresses that make you look broader, like strapless dresses or dresses with strong necklines, and dresses that have no definition. Instead go for dresses with fuller skirts to define your waist, and embellishment around the neckline. A-line dresses and princess style skirts are ideal for this body shape.




And of course, you’ll find a wide selection of fabulous wedding dresses to suit all body shapes and styles here on Bride2bride!