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Selling your dress? How to give yourself the best chance of a quick sale

So, you’ve decided to pass your dress on to another bride to help make her day as magical as yours was. Fantastic! All you need to do now is create an advertisement for your dress that will make it leap off the page.

We can help! Here at Bride2Bride, we’ve seen thousands of listings that brides have created to sell their dresses and we know what works (and what doesn’t work so well). We’ve put together some tips for you which we hope will be really useful in helping you sell your dress quickly and easily.

Firstly, and most importantly, choose fabulous photos. Everyone loves to see what the dress looked like on the day, so that they can picture themselves wearing it. Rather than using a photo of the dress on a hanger or an advertising picture of the dress in a sample size, try and include some of your professional wedding photos to show your dress off at its best.

We get that you might not want to upload a picture of your face. Rather than a scribbled-out face that spoils the look, though, consider using a photo that shows you from the back or side without identifying you fully. Or use a photo of the detail of your dress – this can work amazingly well. If you are taking the photos yourself, make sure you take them in good lighting.

And don’t forget to upload high quality photos that look great on the site and on social media too. There are some great examples on Bride2Bride that really help the listing.

Secondly, tell us the story of your dress. As well as finding out the details of the designer, style, size and condition of the dress, brides choosing a gown love to find out why you chose it in the first place. One of the best things about a preloved wedding dress is that it has already featured in someone’s perfect day and how it made you feel is wonderful to hear.

This is from a recent listing; so much more appealing than just the basic fabrics and measurements!

“I still get messages from my guests and friends about how gorgeous this dress was and I can guarantee you will look like an ethereal creature in it. I didn’t want to let it go, but the thought of someone nice showing it off again makes me smile :)”

And our last tip for today – once your listing is checked and ready and has gone live, think about publishing it as a visitor post on our Facebook page. We will share it on Twitter for you but the more you show potential buyers just how gorgeous your dress is, the faster it will sell!