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Fabulously flattering plus-size wedding dresses

Every bride deserves the dress of her dreams, whatever her shape and the size of her budget, and Bride2Bride is here to help! Whatever your figure, there are a wide range of dresses to suit you – with the average woman in the UK being a size 16 and the body positive movement meaning that bigger brides are now choosing dramatic and beautiful styles, there are some fabulous dresses of all sizes listed on Bride2Bride. We’ve put together some tips and advice on how to find your perfect dress.

Work from measurements rather than sizes

Some of the more expensive, designer brands can be sized on the small size, so if you’ve seen a preloved dress that you think might be for you, we suggest that you send the seller your measurements to see how they compare to the dress itself. Even if it means you buy a dress that supposedly a size or two bigger than you’d usually buy, it won’t matter if it fits beautifully.

Go with what works

There are some styles and fabrics that are known to flatter plus-size brides – here’s a quick list of some of the most popular:

  • A-line styles move the focus away from hips and thighs without adding volume
  • Heavier fabrics, such as satin, are brilliant at smoothing out your silhouette
  • Plainer styles are more flattering, as detail can draw attention to the wrong areas
  • Ruching is incredibly effective in creating a smooth and elegant look

Play to your strengths

On the other hand, bold is often best; so if you rather not worry about what to hide, think about how you can show off your body to its best advantage instead. If you have an hourglass figure to envy, don’t be afraid to rock a fitted silhouette. Have a killer cleavage? Choose a deep V-neck that shows off your fabulous décolletage. And don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and consider different options – you might think an A-line style will be the most flattering but make sure you try some alternatives.

Feel fantastic all day

Make sure your dress fits over a bra that’s both comfortable or supportive, or has one sewn in. Even if it means you’re a little more restricted in choice of neckline, it’s definitely worth the compromise to go through your day without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious. Also, if you decide to go for shapewear, take the time to make sure it’s not too restrictive or uncomfortable. It’s worth splurging a little on flattering and great-looking shapewear, especially if you’ve saved money by buying a preloved dress on a site such as Bride2Bride.

Make the dress your own

Finally, don’t be afraid to spend what it takes to have the dress altered to be a perfect fit. Again, if you’ve bought a discounted or worn-once dress, you’ll have the budget to do this. A good dressmaker can also add details if you need them to make the dress work perfectly for you, such as thicker straps or sleeves in a complementary fabric.

Good luck, you’ll look amazing!