Our policy on copyright infringement
Bride2Bride.com respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. 

Bride2Bride.com seeks to abide by all applicable laws of the UK, USA, Canada, including all copyright laws. Bride2Bride.com aims to provide both a platform for a user to list their wedding dress for sale and upload photographs of the dress as part of their listing, whilst also balancing this with the rights of owners of intellectual property, such as wedding dress designers’ photographs and images of their dresses and designs.

Use of photographs in a listing
As a user of the Bride2Bride.com platform you must not upload copyright material, including photographs, to your listing without the prior written approval from the intellectual property owner; this is clearly described in the Terms and Conditions of the use of our website.

If in your wedding dress listing you upload photographs created by someone else, for example from a dress designer’s website, make sure you have prior written approval from the intellectual property owner.

As we describe in our Terms and Conditions, Bride2Bride.com will, at its sole discretion, remove alleged infringing material from our platform. In addition, Bride2Bride.com may also, in its sole discretion, terminate the account or access of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.

Bride2Bride working with the owners of intellectual property
Bride2Bride.com recognises and is registered with the US Government DMCA department to provide a process of notifying Bride2Bride.com of alleged copyright infringements.

If you are an intellectual property owner, or are authorised to act on behalf of an intellectual property owner, please report alleged infringements on the Bride2Bride.com platform to our DMCA Agent.

Submitting a notice of alleged infringement
If you are an intellectual property owner, or an authorised person to act on behalf of an intellectual property owner, and you wish to notify Bride2Bride.com of any alleged infringements on the platform, please send a written request to our contact details registered with the DMCA.

Before you send a request alleging copyright infringement, please make reasonably certain that the image does infringe copyright.

Your request should include:

On receiving your notice, Bride2Bride.com will review and take appropriate action, in its sole discretion, which might include removing the alleged infringing material from the platform and the termination of any related user account to access the platform.