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Aug 22
Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Organizing an entire wedding is no easy task and top of most lists is choosing the perfect wedding venue. Many weddings take months or even years to plan, depending on their size and scope. While hiring a wedding planner alleviates some of the stress, choosing a wedding venue is one aspect you may want to […]

Aug 18
Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Whether you’ve always imagined a classic, elegant wedding or are more of a trailblazer when it comes to tradition, hand-selected flowers are a universal symbol of the love you celebrate on your wedding day. Once you’ve set aside a budget, chosen a venue and hired all the planning help you need, choosing your wedding aesthetic […]

Aug 16
Choosing an Engagement Ring

While many wedding traditions have been replaced with fresh perspectives on celebrating a new marriage, the engagement ring persists as a symbol of promise, commitment and intention. Whether its a family heirloom, a brand new purchase or a custom-designed spin on traditional jewelry, the engagement ring you choose builds anticipation for the big day. Other […]

Apr 17
8 top tips for finding your dream wedding venue

Photo: Clare Tam[/caption] Thank you very much to Helen Wood, from TipTopVenues who researched this article on top tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue.           You’re browsing Bride2bride to find your perfect dress, but I’m sure you’re also thinking about and researching the perfect wedding venue – along with […]

Mar 25
8 ways to make your wedding flowers more eco friendly

Thank you very much to Rachel Bull from floral design studio who has written this guest article on ways to make your wedding flowers more eco friendly. If you’re looking to make your big day more sustainable, chances are you’ll be searching out environmentally friendly florals. The good news is that going heavy on the foliage […]

Feb 24
Selling your wedding dress abroad

If you decide to offer your dress to buyers who live abroad, you’re giving yourself more chance of selling your dress quickly. We’ve recently launched Bride2Bride in the USA giving you access to the American marketplace and soon-to-be brides and potential buyers. Sending your dress to an international buyer isn’t that much more complicated than sending […]

Feb 10
Unconventional And Outrageous Wedding Dresses Perfect For Offbeat Brides

Pride yourself on marching to the beat of your own drum, and not conforming to societal norms? Then you probably wouldn’t want to get married in a wedding dress that’s generic or safe. In this article, we’ve rounded up 8 unconventional and outrageous wedding dresses which are perfect for offbeat brides. Read on to find […]

Feb 03
The Savvy Bride’s Guide To Buying And Selling Wedding Dresses Online

Thinking of buying or selling a wedding dress online? We know you’ll have some questions about the process, so we’ve put together some information on the topics we get asked about all the time — read on to find out more! For brides who are selling Q: How long does it take for wedding dresses […]

Jan 26
Seven Brides On What They Wish They’d Known Before Their Wedding Day

Every bride wants their wedding to go without a hitch and you know what they say — hindsight is 20/20. We asked 7 brides what they wish they knew before their wedding day, so that you can benefit from their advice!   #1: “Things will go wrong, and that’s okay.” “I wanted my wedding to […]

Dec 15
How to sell your wedding dress safely

Selling your wedding dress through an online marketplace is getting ever more popular; it makes sense to pass your ‘worn once’ dress on to another bride for so many reasons, including making the most of your wedding budget and environmental awareness. As it becomes more popular, however, it’s attracting the attention of scammers. “Eddie Townsend, […]

Dec 02
Fabulously flattering plus-size wedding dresses

Every bride deserves the dress of her dreams, whatever her shape and the size of her budget, and Bride2Bride is here to help! Whatever your figure, there are a wide range of dresses to suit you – with the average woman in the UK being a size 16 and the body positive movement meaning that […]

Nov 04
Reasons to buy a second hand wedding dress

Nowadays, we’re always looking not only for ways to cut costs, but also ways to recycle and reuse, and weddings are no exception. One way to both help the planet, and save some cash is to buy a preloved dress. A preloved wedding dress is a dress that has already been worn down the aisle, […]